The 2012 Mira's List Art Contest Winners!

 April 25, 2012

Well, after much deliberation, the results are finally in for the art contest. First, before I tell you who the judges picked, I want to say that the art submitted was fantastic and that it was a hard decision to make for the judges: Mary Sherman, Director of TransCultural Exchange and Wendy Watson, Curator at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. So thanks to not only them for helping out with this contest but thanks to all of you who entered! Okay....on to the winners: KAROL SLOWIK for first place and LILY MORRIS for on....

First, a big congratulations to Karol Slowik for winning first place! Karol is from Poland but now lives in New York and you will hear more about Karol's work in the future when we do a special interview later this spring. Karol won a $500 prize and will soon be featured on this blog until the next contest. Here are some of Karol's work (scroll down to see Lily's work too).

Lily Morris, from Massachusetts, won second place. She received a $100 prize. Below are some of her paintings. She is only three years out of college and I think she has quite a bright future before her.

Thanks again everyone for entering and I hope some of you try again for the next contest down the road. Cheers! Mira

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