Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Alive and Kicking But Taking a Break: Mira's List Update

Hi everyone,

No, I'm not dead. Still alive and kicking. It is just hard to keep doing this blog sometimes, especially these days after over a year and a half of being on a book tour. And I am still doing a lot of traveling for the book and for conferences, and meanwhile, trying to do some new work. I have been doing this blog for over four years now (for no pay) and while it has been fun and worthwhile, it has also been tiring and very hard. I now receive over 500 emails a week from people asking me to post something or people asking me to help them with their grants or their book proposals or something else. Frankly, I'm quite overwhelmed, and am dying to work on my new book. I also need to make a living. But I still love you all!

So for now, my friends, I will only post here and there when the mood strikes me and will continue to let people announce opportunities on my Mira's List Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/miraslist

Please, if you announce an opportunity, make sure it is helpful to all international artists and is not just self-serving. You can do a shout out about grants, residencies, exhibition opportunities, writing contests, etc. If I don't think your post is appropriate, I will take it down.

You can also find me on twitter (https://twitter.com/miraslist), tweeting about all kinds of things, but mostly about how to fund your creative dreams and where to realize them.

To all you institutions, organizations and universities: I speak about funding and residencies all over the country. I'd love for you to hire me. If you are interested in contacting me about speaking at your college or arts organization, please write me here: [email protected] and I will give you my fee scale. 

You can watch me in action in this video taken this summer at Ashland University: http://mediasite.ashland.edu/mediasite/Viewer/?peid=50697fe9cf79492fb595a6de2f509e5e1d

And to all of you who have lots of questions about grant applications, opportunities, etc., you should take an hour and a half and watch the video too. Your questions might be answered.

So for now, sorry to all you wonderful people who sent me things to post this past month. I just have been way too busy or out of town. Please keep using my blog for all its resources and stay subscribed for now because I will still post when I can. I will be leaving for Australia (for the NonfictioNOW Conference in Melbourne) in a couple days and back in early December. So until then, have a great rest of the month and keep making art! 

Thanks for sticking around this long, oh loyal readers....

Welcome to Mira's List

This blog provides information on upcoming grants, fellowships and residencies for artists, writers, composers, and media artists. It is for serious professionals only, from emerging to mid-career to established. I also publish information for graduate students from time to time. However, I do not publish information on exhibition or publishing opportunities, nor do I advertise artist retreats and workshops that charge money. At least that is my current policy. For more info on where to exhibit or publish, please see my links section which I try to periodically update. I sift through hundreds of search engines and websites to find opportunities for YOU dear artist. In return, I ask you to pass the information along to those who need it. Also, since this is a free blog, I don't always have the time to weed carefully through everything. If you find a grant or website or residency that is not up-to-date, is dodgy in some way, or is no longer in existence, please let me know! Also, if you stay somewhere at one of the residencies I suggest and have a good experience, I want that feedback too. Please check my FAQs at the top right side bar if you have questions before starting your search. Best wishes and happy hunting!