Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Artist Residency Testimonials!

Hi everyone. Well, it’s time once again to hear from some of my readers who have recently been to residencies that they found on Mira’s List. If you have had a great residency experience too, please let me know!

All you need to do is:

1. Give me your name (or if you like, just your first name if you are shy!) and what discipline you do (visual artist, writer, etc.)

2. WHERE you went (town, state, country) and the link to the residency site.

3. Tell me in one or two sentences (please, no more than that) what was great about the place.

4. Send me one to two pictures of the place or your studio or you doing something there. The pictures must be in jpg form and NO LARGER than 400 KB.

5. Please only pick one residency, not several. Thanks!
And if you write way too much or end huge jpgs that I have to reduce and I have to spend time editing what you write or looking up information, I probably won't post your pictures and story, just so you know. Thanks for understanding.

6. Email this to me: [email protected]

And one more thing....Mirabee is going to do an art contest! Coming soon....low fee, low impact and cash award....stay tuned....


From Arina Melkozernova (I'm not sure what her medium is---CAMAC is open to all disciplines):

I spent three weeks at CAMAC (Centre D'Art - Marnay Art Centre) residency in France (June, 2010). It was my first residency experience such as meeting the diverse group of artists and sharing our ideas, inspirations and cultural wisdom. It worked as "jump out of the hamster wheel" for me - in terms of breaking the "being provider" routine and keeping my dream alive. I finally started to work on my project, and I hope to continue:) One step at a time...Thank you, Mirabee, for your encouragement, support and being here for us....just one of many - Arina

From writer and poet Athena Edmonds: The first picture is looking out my window at Ragdale, poetry residency, April 2011. Five writers, two artists, in a beautiful Chicago suburb, we worked and lived together, feeding of each others work.

This next one is from Hedgebrook, Feb 2011, my fairy tale cabin in the woods on Whidby Island in Washington State, US. Seven cabins, seven women writers. We wrote all day, and gathered every night for an organic meal cooked by a friendly fabulous chef at the main farmhouse.
I love your blog. thank you for all the work you do putting it together. Athena Edmonds

Artist Blake Brasher went all the way to Romania:

Arthouse Garana is in a tiny, one and a half street village in the mountains of western Romania. The program was only ten days long, but they are ten days that will remain with me for the rest of my life. It was so great to interact with artists from around the world, to see how they saw the world and what their art meant to them. For me, as a somewhat younger artist at the beginning of my career, it was also very informative and inspiring to be around artists at all stages of their careers. The group was very warm and inclusive, and despite some difficulties with languages we all managed to form some form of bond with each other. I wrote a bit about the experience on my website shortly after returning to Boston. It's part of this post: You can see more of my work at my web site,

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the residency in Romania, go to:
Or call or email: ELISABETH L. OCHSENFELD visual artist TEL-FAX 0049 6221 25232 [email protected]

*** Dear Readers—please include a link to the residency so curious readers can check the place out. Thanks so much!
Your Faithful Servant and and Helpful Curmudgeon, Mirabee

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