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(PRINTMAKERS) St. Michael's Printshop Residency in Newfoundland: Each year St. Michael's Printshop invites applications from international, national and provincial artists who wish to come and work at the Printshop for a one-month period. A total of six residencies are offered during the year. The one-month residency must be completed during the period of April 1st in the year in which it is awarded and March 31st of the following year. During the residency, the artist will be asked to give a workshop for the membership of the Printshop. Up to $1500 in funding for each artist plus 24-hour access to all facilities. Deadline is October 1, 2009. For more information, please go to:

(ALL) Radcliffe Fellowships: Fellowships for creative artists and scholars in the humanities. Stipends are funded up to $65,000 for one year with additional funds for project expenses. Some support for relocation expenses is provided where relevant. If so directed, Radcliffe will pay the stipend to the fellow's home institution. Fellows receive office or studio space and access to libraries and other resources of Harvard University during the fellowship year, which extends from early September 2010 through June 30, 2011. Visual artists and film, video, sound, and new media artists may apply to come for one semester only. The stipend is $32,500. Fellows are expected to be free of their regular commitments so they may devote themselves full time to the work outlined in their proposal. Since this is a residential fellowship, fellows are expected to reside in the Boston area during that period and to have their primary office at the Institute so that they can participate fully in the life of the community. For more information, please contactL [email protected] or call: 617-496-1324. Deadline is October 1, 2009. Visit the website at:

(ALL) Collaboration Opportunity: The Artists and Writers Alliance Internationale is a project dedicated to encouraging collaborative creative projects and is currently accepting listings for its website from artists of all disciplines interested in connecting with others to create collaborative works of art. All are welcome to submit a free listing to the AWAI website. AWAI brings together artists, writers and others in the arts from around the world; it is then up to the participants to contact one another directly for more detailed information for possible collaborative projects. For additional information contact: Sherry Steiner, Founder at [email protected] or visit their website:

(WRITERS) Amsterdam Writer-in-Residence Program: Amsterdam Writer-in-Residence Program is from three to five months in the heart of the old city. Guest writers use their time in Amsterdam for their own work and research, but they will also be involved in the city's literary and cultural life. It has been decided to give preference to those authors whose works have been translated into Dutch or will be shortly, and authors who work in a wide range of literary genres. For more information visit:

(WRITERS) Hodder Fellowship: The Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton offers the Hodder Fellowship, a fellowship created for artists in the early stages of their careers. In keeping with the bequest of Mary MacKall Gwinn Hodder, it is awarded to individuals during that crucial period when they have demonstrated exceptional promise but have not yet received widespread recognition. Typically, Hodder Fellows are poets, playwrights, novelists, creative nonfiction writers and translators who have published one highly acclaimed book and are undertaking significant new work that might not be possible without the “studious leisure” afforded by this fellowship. Hodder Fellows spend an academic year at Princeton pursuing independent projects. Preference is given to individuals outside of academia, and candidates for the Ph.D. degree are not eligible. You need not be a US citizen to apply. The stipend for 2010-2011 is $62,000. Material must be postmarked by November 1, 2009. For more information visit:

(FILMMAKERS) Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Grants: The Pacific Pioneer Fund gives grants to emerging documentary filmmakers or videographers who live and work in California, Oregon, and Washington. The term "emerging" is intended to denote a person committed to the craft of making documentaries, who has demonstrated that commitment by several years - but no more than ten - practical film or video experience. Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000. Fiscal Sponsor required. Funding Cycle: The board meets three times a year. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The applications deadlines in 2009 are 4/15, 8/15, and 12/15. For more information visit:

(MEDIA/FILM) Artist-in-Residence in Boston: The Artist in Residency at HOME, Inc. offers a three month to six month residency which may be renewable for an additional six months upon mutual agreement. The Residency provides free access to HOME's video production facilities at the HOME studios in Jamaica Plain (Boston, MA). Facilities include access to 4 Apple Studio Suite equipped editing systems, with Live Type, Motion, Final Cut Pro and other software. Additional equipment includes Betacam SP editing deck, and DVCAM camcorders, a camera boom, wireless microphones, fluid head tripods, lights etc. They also can provide a small office space. At this point there is no stipend included with the residency. HOME is particularly interested in video artists who are working on projects that have some social theme or value. For more information, contact [email protected]. Website:

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