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***Insider's Tip: for this first grant, the LIAP grant for international travel: It will help your application immensely if you propose to collaborate somehow with local artists OR somehow involve a community in the country you want to travel to. Collaborative involvement can mean many things, from offering some workshops or professional presentations to local residents, to collaborating on an installation with other artists in the area, etc. Another little tidbit: although preference is given to people who haven't traveled that much as well as artists from Kansas City and the midwest, if your project is innovative, somehow involves the local community, and isn't in a developed country, you have a much better chance to get a grant (but they have to like your work too!).

(VISUAL ARTISTS) Lighton International Artists Exchange Grant

This grant, which offers up to $5,000 for international travel, is sponsered by the Kansas City Artists Coalition. The Lighton International Artists Exchange Program works to make the world a smaller place by giving artists of different cultures the opportunity to work together in the hope that lasting friendship and understanding will develop. The program provides support for visual artists and arts professionals to travel to international residencies and artist communities and for foreign visual artists to travel to and work in the United States. The program seeks applications from dedicated American artists who create work of exceptional quality and whose work and career is at a level to benefit from international exchange with peers. The program is especially interested in funding artists who have not yet worked in a foreign country and in funding travel and residencies to countries that are less westernized. International artists who want to apply for funding for a Kansas City residency may submit inquiries to [email protected] The next deadline for travel grants is August 15, (not a postmark deadline). Artists should apply 6-12 months prior to intended travel dates. Notification will be mailed two months after deadlines. For more information and to download application, go to:

The L.I.A.P also offers Money for Artists Promotion grants to assist artists in promoting and marketing their artwork. The program is especially interested in funding artists whose application displays innovative and creative approaches to artist promotion. Artists must be members of the Kansas City Artists Coalition. The maximum m.a.p. grant is $1,000. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Artists should apply 2-6 months prior to intended project dates (if applicable).

(ALL DISCIPLINES) European Cultural Foundation Grant
This grant supports outstanding artistic projects which show vision in illuminating the issues of diversity in Europe. Average grant: Euro 30 000 - Euro 60 000. Artists and organizations working in any artistic discipline, and residing/based in Europe are eligible (i.e. European Union and the neighboring regions) as well as individual artists who have a demonstrable track record in their chosen discipline (at least 5 years experience). ECF is looking for: • Projects that reflect on European developments in an innovative way. We need artists to comment on, research, question, imagine and fantasize about what is happening in European societies: in the cities, among and within communities, across borders. • Projects that reveal an innovative creation process and a visible end product. We are looking for artistic visions, ideas, answers, works on how Europe should/could relate to its diversities. • Projects that have a legacy for the future. This means that one-off events are unlikely to be supported unless they have clear impact and are sustainable within the context. Note: You are more likely to be considered if you are collaborating with a venue/producer/partner. For more information, go to: Deadline : 31 July, 2009

(MUSICIANS) New Technology Grant
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation/New Technology Funding Program: Grants of up to $75,000 each will be awarded to jazz musicians and nonprofits using technology to develop audience, communications, marketing, distribution channels, and networking for jazz performance. Planning and implementation grants available. Applicants must be jazz artists who are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S., or be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (or an organizations with eligible fiscal sponsor) with a history of programming jazz or providing services to jazz artists or jazz organizations. Deadline for Round One of grant process: July 6, 2009. For more info, go to:

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