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(ALL) Bogliasco Fellowships, Liguria Study Center in Liguria, Italy. With a maximum capacity of sixteen persons, the Liguria Study Center provides an intimate setting for artistic and scholarly work. The Center is comprised of three separate properties: Villa dei Pini, Villa Orbiana, and Villa Rincon. Villa dei Pini is located close to the Via Aurelia, which follows the traces of the ancient road built by the Romans to connect their capital to Ventimiglia and France. The property features a mature Genoese garden, shaded by pine trees, that drops steeply to the rocky shore of the Mediterranean. Villa Orbiana and Villa Rincon are situated further up the foot of the Apennines in an olive grove, approximately a five-minute walk from Villa dei Pini. Each of the villas contains private living quarters, studios equipped with computers, and common rooms. While surrounded by a bustling semi-urban environment, the villas and their gardens offer an oasis of calm, with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Ligurian coastline — an inspiring setting that has proven to be a powerful stimulant for reflection and creativity. Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded, without regard to nationality, to qualified persons doing advanced creative work or scholarly research in the following disciplines: Archaeology, Architecture, Classics, Dance, Film/Video, History, Landscape, Architecture, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater, Visual Arts
In the Arts, the Study Center welcomes persons doing both creative and scholarly work (such as Art History, Musicology, Film Criticism, and so on). With respect to Dance, Music, and Theater, however, the Center does not have rehearsal studio space for persons wishing to work extensively in performance.
Applicants for Fellowships are expected to demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience. In addition, they must submit descriptions of the projects that they intend to pursue in Bogliasco. Approximately 50 Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded each year. They are scheduled during the two semesters of the traditional academic year. During 2009-2010 the dates are as follows: September 7 to December 11 (fall-winter), and February 8 to May 14 (winter-spring). Fellowships usually have a duration of one month (31-32 days) or, in some cases, a half semester (48 days). In special circumstances residencies of other lengths may be approved.
Application deadlines are as follows: January 15, 2009, for the fall-winter semester beginning in September, 2009, and April 15, 2009, for the winter-spring semester beginning in February, 2010. Bogliasco Fellows may be accompanied by spouses (or spouse-equivalent companions) during their stay at the Liguria Study Center. Next deadline for a residency is April 15, 2009. See website for more details and application.

(ALL) Bellagio Center for Scholars and Creative Artists
The deadline for the Bellagio Center residency competition for Scholars and Creative Artists will be announced soon so check the website for details. The next residency period will be February 1 – May 31, 2010. The Bellagio creative arts residencies – for composers, novelists, playwrights, poets, video/filmmakers and visual artists – provide time for disciplined work, individual reflection, and collegial engagement, uninterrupted by the usual professional and personal demands. The Center typically offers one-month stays for no more than 3-5 creative artists at a time. Artists of significant achievement, from any country, are welcome to apply.
Residency cohorts include artists, writers, non-governmental organization practitioners, policymakers, scholars and scientists from around the world. Meals and informal presentations of work provide an opportunity for residents to engage with each other. During special dinners, residents also have the chance to interact with the participants of international conferences that are hosted in various buildings on the Center’s property. The combination of private time for work and reflection and informal gatherings is an important part of life at the Center. Spouses and life partners may accompany the resident, or may apply for a concurrent residency. The Center also offers collaborative residencies for two to four persons working on the same project.
Residencies are typically four-weeks, however, shorter periods may be available. Applicants will need to submit a statement describing why an alternate length of time is requested.
The Foundation seeks applicants who are able to demonstrate a history of significant achievement in their respective artistic disciplines. Individuals from developing countries and young artists with significant accomplishments -- exhibitions, publications, performances -- are particularly encouraged to apply.

(ALL) Rome Prize: American Academy in Rome
7 East 60 Street, 10022-1001 New York, NY USA
Telephone 212 751 7200 E-mail [email protected]
Disciplines: Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Film, Literature, Music, Visual Arts, Photography, Sculpture * Duration: 6 or 11 months
The American Academy in Rome is a center that sustains independent artistic pursuits and humanistic studies. Each year, through a national competition, the Rome Prize is awarded to 15 emerging artists (working in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation and Conservation, Literature, Musical Composition, or Visual Arts) and 15 scholars (working in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and early Modern, or Modern Italian Studies). The application deadline is November 1st (deadline extension until November 15th, for an additional fee). The Academy community also includes invited Residents and international Affiliated Fellows. Each Rome Prize winner is provided with a stipend, meals, a bedroom with private bath, and a study or studio. Those with children under 18 live in partially subsidized apartments nearby. Winners of 6-month and 11-month fellowships receive stipends of $12,500 and $25,000, respectively. Rome Prize fellowships are designed for emerging artists and for scholars in the early or middle stages of their careers. In the case of scholars, preference will be given to applicants for whom research time in Italy, and especially in the city of Rome, is essential, and who have not had extensive prior experience there.
For more info and application, go to:

(A, W, PERFORM. ARTS) Poci Retreat
53017 Radda (Chianti), Italy
Three to twelve months residency
The Associazione Culturale di Poci, an organization founded by members and friends of the retreat center, is offering an Artist in Residence Program of 3 to 12 months to artists in the following fields: Poetry and contemplative prose, ink brush painting and aquarelle, musical composition, photography, choreography and dance. The artist should have a basic wish to be inspired by nature, silence and consciousness explorations, and should be involved in a personal artistic project. Together with the retreat center you will observe a daily period of silence in Poci and you will meet weekly for communal meals and talks. The Associazione Culturale di Poci provides accommodation and workspace. All other costs, including food, are covered by the artists. Everyone helps 10 hours per week with the work of keeping up the place.
Poci, an old Tuscan farm, producing Chianti wine and olive oil, is located between Florence and Siena, 7 km from the villages of Radda and Castellina in Chianti. The farm is a door to the beauty of nature with its soothing and inspiring effects. With 80 hectares (200 acres) of land and wide views, Poci spreads over a hillside all the way to a romantic riverbed. The simple atmosphere of restored old stone houses embedded in nature invites you to relax, to open the senses and to calm the mind. OPEN, ONGOING DEADLINE. Interested artists should write to us; including a résumé, a documentation of their work, a prospectus of the proposed project at Poci, and a recent photo.
E-mail [email protected]

(A, ARCH., PHOTO) La Macina di San Cresci
Pieve di San Cresci 1, 50022 Greve in Chianti (FI) Italy
Duration: 1 week to 3 (1 month for the fellowship)
La Macina di San Cresci is a residence for artists unique in the area, in which the residents find a space to pursue work, taking full advantage of the rich cultural backdrop offered by the ancient place and its surroundings. The centre offers the opportunity to work alone, or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture. In 2009 the Municipality of Greve in Chianti (Florence, Italy) grants a fellowship for one month.
Two common studios : Ample 45 m2 workshop-room, suitable for pottery, painting and sculpture (access directly from the square) and Historic cellars (220 m2) divided into different areas and equipped with: meeting table, video projector, projection screen, computer, amplification system, wireless internet access. There is also space in use for different communal activities: reading, computer work, listening to music.
Apartment "Artist's house" 120 m² , is situated on the first floor. It has: 2 bedrooms with 3 beds, 2 bathrooms (one with shower and one with bath), a well-equipped kitchen and a living room area with fireplace are in common.
The Municipality of Greve in Chianti grants a fellowship for one month in the 2009. The fellowship recipient is granted Euro 1000 to cover expenses ( art material, meals, local transport, etc.) , in addition living space and studios free of charge.The selected artist is provided with a shared room and workspace in a shared studio for a 30 day period.
Based above Greve in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence & Siena. Deadline is November 15 for the fellowship opportunity
Applications are open to artists of all proficiencies-beginners to more advanced artists. Candidates should submit:the completed application form (may be downloaded from website ), an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae with personal details,an example of recent work (photographs, catalogues, publications, articles, CD etc.; For the writers : short writing sample) an explanation or outline of the project to be undertaken during the residence, the desired dates for your stay.
E-mail [email protected]

(A) Diogene bivaccourbano
Casella postale 372, Via Alfieri 10, 10121 Torino, Italy
Duration: 3 to 6 weeks between September 21 and November 7
Diogene urbanbivoauc is a programme directed to international artists with the aim of experimenting a brand new method of close examination of the artist's work and of his/her role in the society. The selected artist will be hosted in a small housing form (the Bivouac), built in an "interstitial" area of the city, that will become the place where the artist lives and works, experimenting a new way of strong interaction between the urban environment and its community. The Bivouac has been created using salvaged materials and a survival kit, reducing the needs to what is strictly necessary. It is an attitude that cannot be considered as an extreme survival experiment but rather as a wish to relate to the city, our "natural" habitat, seeking the essentiality. Housing form provided with: solar panel, ecological WC, catalytic heater, crockery, solar shower. Paid by Italian host: Accomodation, studio, attendance fee of 2.000 euro; 2000 euro (maximum) for production expenses for projects to be developed during the residency; 250 euro/week for living expenses; 2000 euro (maximum) for travel costs.
Turin is a major city as well as a business and cultural centre in northern Italy, capital of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the right bank of the Po River.
Deadline: May 23
Open to all the artists born before 1990 and currently working in the specific sector of visual arts, without any trends or techniques restrictions.
For more information: E-mail [email protected]

To find out about other residencies in Italy and other countrys, go to: and

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